Jewellery Recycling

Recycle, Benefit your Environment

Raise Funds for our Charity


Please donate your unwanted Gold, Silver, Costume Jewellery and Watches


We have come up with a simple way for you to help boost the much needed funds of our charity and benefit your environment. We are running an unwanted Jewellery Recycling Collection.

Please donate any unwanted jewellery towards this recycling appeal;  gold, silver, costume jewellery, watches… Then all your unwanted items can be turned into a donation for us.

You can do a full ”spring clean” of your jewellery box or just give items you no longer wear. Even damaged, broken and incomplete items will help; so all the odd earrings and snapped chains are a great start!

Please bring any unwanted items into the shop when you next visit or pick up one of the FreePost envelopes from the shop so you can post your items.

If you can, please ask your family, friends and colleagues to participate in this Jewellery Recycling Collection.


Why should I recycle? Recycling reduces the demand for raw materials. This means less mining or quarrying. Many parts of the world have been blighted by mining and quarrying, which destroy the natural environment and wildlife habitats and can cause environmental and health problems for local people. Recycling is one way in which our community can lessen their usage of resources and help protect the environment. Everything you give us is turned into cash for us, recycled and put to good use!

Thank you very much for your support