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The development of Staines Town Centre has increased the distance between shops, banks and other services. This coupled with the difficulty of transporting mobility equipment has made Staines town centre quite inaccessible to many people. Staines Shopmobility provides the necessary equipment to fully open up the town for anyone with mobility problems.

Who Can Use The Service?

Anyone with limited mobility is welcome to join the scheme; this includes elderly or disabled people to those with temporary mobility problems due to illness, injury or post-operative recovery. You do not need to be registered as disabled, a regular wheelchair user or a Blue Badge holder.

What equipment do you have?

Staines Shopmobility currently has 16 electric 4-wheeled scooters, 5 electric wheelchairs, 3 self-propelling manual wheelchairs, 5 attendant-controlled wheelchairs and one childrens wheelchair. The fleet includes 1 scooter and 1 electric wheelchair with an enhanced maximum carrying weight of 32 stone.

I Have Never Used Mobility Equipment Before!

There is a practice area to the rear of the premises where our staff will instruct you on how to use the equipment of your choice. Once you are able to safely and confidently operate the chair you are free to explore the town. The whole registration pocess takes around 20 minutes. Staines Shopmobility will endeavour to find suitable equipment for you to use but cannot guarantee this, as you must be able to safely operate electric mobility chairs before being permitted to use one.

How Do I Join?

To use the scheme you will need to complete a simple registration form, which will ask for your name, address and contact details. You will also be asked to provide a form of identification; a driving license, passport or utility bill for example, to confirm your current address. Credit cards, bus passes and Blue Badges will not be accepted as a valid form of identification. All information requested is necessary to register you with Staines Shopmobility and to insure you whilst using the mobility equipment. (All personal information is retained in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act and will not be passed on to third parties, unless you instruct us to do so).

How Much Does It Cost?

A small charge is made on an annual or daily basis, these are currently:

Annual Membership - £10 annual registration fee then £1 per use.

Day Membership - £4 per use, no registration fee.

When Can I Use The Service?

Equipment is available for hire from 9.30 am and must be returned by 4.15pm, Monday to Saturday; the service is not available on Sundays or Bank Holidays. Use of equipment may be restricted to a maximum of 4 hours at busy times; you are welcome to return after 4 hours and ask if it is possible to use the chair for longer. No equipment will be loaned out after 3pm and there is a £5 excess hire charge for anyone returning equipment after 4.15pm. Repeated lateness will result in the use of service being withdrawn.

Where Is Staines Shopmobility?

The scheme is based at ground level on the Two Rivers Retail Park, next door to Waitrose. There is a designated stop for both Spelride and Dial-A-Ride adjacent to the service and within 80 metres of the premises. Dedicated parking bays are available in the South car park, directly outside the service and within 40 metres of the shop. Please note that the current car park charges apply to anyone parking in the Shopmobility parking bays. Current charges can be found on the Two Rivers website and there is a link to this under the USEFUL LINKS section to the left of this page.

Can Equipment Be Brought Out To My Car?

Yes, this can be done as long as you park in one of the Shopmobility bays and either phone the scheme to let staff know you are there or pre-arrange a time so staff can be waiting for you to arrive.

Where Can I Use The Mobility Equipment?

Mobility Equipment can be used anywhere within the Town Centre, which includes the Elmsleigh Centre, High Street and Two Rivers.

Do I Need To Pre-book My Equipment?

No, you do not need to pre-book as the service is operated on a first come, first served basis. There are ample chairs to meet demand and we do not envisage you not being able to use a chair. There may be a small waiting time during busy periods but this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Can I Borrow Equipment Overnight Or For Longer Periods?

Manual wheelchairs can be hired for longer periods up to a maximum of 8 weeks. Electric wheelchairs and scooters are not available for long-term hire as our insurance does not permit this. Full details of wheelchair hire can be found under Holiday Hire Scheme in the "Our Services" section of this website.




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